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Montana back and rehabilitation is a private practice that incorporates physical therapy as part of the process of wellness.  Decreasing pain and  enhancing mobility through therapy is our goal.  Working with the individual to improve the quality of life through exercise, movement, ultra-sound, and touch. 

Our philosophy is that by listening to the patient we can introduce a progressive treatment program that addresses each individual's needs.  The best results are only reached when the physician, therapist, and patient work as a team for the goal of full recovery.

Corrine McNab our physical therapist with of years of experience will assist each patient to a productive life.  Lori Langan as our physical therapy assistant and massage therapist will work in junction with Corrine to provide optimal results.

No one needs to live a life without the ability to enjoy each day to the fullest.   At Montana Back and Rehabilitation we are ready to meet each challenge with state of the art equipment and  a positive outlook. 



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