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Orthopedic Decompression and Rehabilitation Activities

Back pain is the #1 medical complaint in North America, affecting 80% of us at one time or another. Often, back problems cause permanent partial or total loss of function, which may force you to give up activities you are not ready to give up….or affect your basic quality of life.

Until now, if you suffered from low back pain, choices for treatment have been: bed rest, muscle relaxants, pain medications, injections, anti-inflammatory medications, manipulation/adjustments, and if all else failed, surgery. Several of these options simply cover up or “mask” the actual cause of the spinal problem.

Now you have the best option – Orthopedic Decompression Therapy. No surgery. No injections. And for the majority of patients, elimination of back pain.

Please read on to find out about a 21 st century solution for bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, and more.


What is Orthopedic Decompression?

Orthopedic Decompression Therapy is a proven treatment for the relief and/or correction of lower back pain due to degenerative disc disease, bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, post-surgical failures, facet syndromes, and more. With up to 86% success rate from this type of treatment, thousands have experienced dramatic pain relief and healing.

Orthopedic Decompression Therapy is an innovative approach for the relief of lower back syndromes, including:

* Herniated or bulging discs

* Degenerative disc disease

* Posterior facet syndrome

* Sciatica

* Acute or chronic back pain

Orthopedic Decompression is non-surgical, non-invasive, and does not involve medication of any kind. The treatment is safe and relatively painless; some find it comfortable and relaxing. For patients with a history of back pain and who are currently experiencing symptoms that are interfering with their quality of life, the first step is a proper examination to determine the exact cause of the symptoms and the severity of the problem, as well as to see if you qualify for Orthopedic Decompression Therapy. The course of therapy (the protocol) begins following an evaluation and is completed in about 40 treatments. Decompression is performed with a patented intervertebral decompression device.

How does Orthopedic Decompression Therapy work?

Orthopedic Decompression can distract the vertebrae surrounding an injured disc 5 to 7 millimeters. The 25 to 30 minute treatment provides static, intermittent, and cycling forces on structures that may be causing low back pain.

During treatment, intra-discal pressure is dropped from a positive 25 millimeters mercury to a negative 150 millimeters mercury. This negative pressure promotes the diffusion of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the vertebral disc area, thereby re-hydrating the degenerated disc. Repeated decompression promotes retraction of a herniated nucleus pulposus (the elastic center of the intervertebral disc).




The Orthopedic Decompression treatment can:

* reduce pressure on the vertebral joints,
* promote retraction of herniated discs,
* promote self healing and rehabilitation of damaged discs, thereby relieving low back pain.

Several sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

Why should you consider Orthopedic Decompression Therapy?

Orthopedic Decompression Therapy is credible . It is the only treatment that was developed by a team of back specialists including neurosurgeons, orthopedists, physiatrists, osteopaths, chiropractors, neurologists, and physical therapists.

Orthopedic Decompression is proven and effective . The procedure has been studied extensively over the past six years and has been clinically validated. Thousands of patients have been successfully treated with Orthopedic Decompression.

Orthopedic Decompression is non-surgical and non-invasive . The complications from surgery can be severe and may result in debilitating conditions. Additionally, surgery can be extremely expensive and usually requires a long recovery period. Orthopedic Decompression Therapy does not include any needles, drugs, or medications of any kind…and involves minimal recovery time.

Orthopedic Decompression is convenient . Treatment sessions last only 45 to 60 minutes. Most Orthopedic Decompression Therapy patients can carry-on with normal daily activities because the procedure is non-invasive. Additionally, patients may be able to minimize absence from work.

In most cases, all non-invasive remedies should be exhausted before anyone is referred for surgery or drugs.

What are some common causes of lower back pain?

Herniated or Bulging Disc . A herniated disc is a common cause of severe back pain and sciatica. Discs are soft flexible "shock absorbers" that separate each of the bones or vertebrae in the spine. These discs have a rigid outside rim, but are soft and gel-like inside. Activity, stress, or a mechanical problem in the spine can cause one of the discs to bulge and become misshapen. A disc becomes herniated when it degenerates to the point that the gelatin within the disc protrudes outward. Classic low back pain occurs if this material extrudes or bulges far enough to press against a nerve root.


Degenerative Disc Disease . This condition is a major cause of chronic low back pain. Because the discs in the spine do not have a dedicated blood supply, the discs must rely on a process called diffusion to receive their supply of water, nutrients, and oxygen. If the flow of these elements is disrupted, the vertebral discs can degenerate. This degeneration can cause spinal structures to pinch (impinge) nerve roots, thereby causing pain. Vertebral discs can also degenerate simply due to misalignment and/or the aging process.


Posterior Facet Syndrome . The facet joints (the joint surfaces of the vertebrae) can wear down. In such cases, a nerve can become pinched (impinged) and cause pain.


Sciatica . Sciatica refers to a pain felt along the length of the sciatic nerve. The pain is usually felt in the buttock where it radiates down the back of the leg. At some time, up to 40% of people experience pain caused by compression of this nerve

Acute Back Pain . Acute low back pain is a new pain which, if uncomplicated, generally lasts less than six weeks. A few cases may resolve without any treatment, but most will reoccur. Health problems just don’t go away.


Chronic Back Pain . Low back pain that persists beyond six months is considered chronic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Orthopedic Decompression Therapy work?
A: Orthopedic Decompression is performed on a patented intervertebral decompression device and is performed under the direction of a licensed physician and physical therapist. The procedure is a multi-stage process that decreases pressure inside the disc and promotes self-healing. This self-healing is encouraged by increasing the water content of the disc and reducing pressure within the disc. As the pressure in the discs is decreased, bulging disc material retracts and damaged structures in the spine are healed and rehabilitated.


Q: If I use Orthopedic Decompression Therapy, when will I start feeling better?
A: Many patients start feeling improvement after their first few treatments.


Q: Are there any side effects to the treatments?
A: Most patients do not experience any adverse side effects from undergoing Orthopedic Decompression Therapy. Occasionally, a few patients experience muscle spasm for a limited time.


Q: Are there any drugs used in the treatment?
A: No.


Q: How long does it take to complete the treatment?
A: Each treatment session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the problem. Each patient is given a specific treatment plan.


Q: How successful is Orthopedic Decompression Therapy?
A: Orthopedic Decompression has undergone extensive clinical testing and has achieved success rates as high as 86%.


Q: Does Orthopedic Decompression Therapy involve surgery or injections?
A: No. Orthopedic Decompression Therapy is completely non-invasive, is non-surgical and involves no injections or medications. Not only is Orthopedic Decompression Therapy safe and painless, most people report it is comfortable and relaxing.

Q: How can I get more information or get started?
A: You can get more information by calling us at (406) 721-5780. A FREE consultation is always available and is necessary to see if you qualify for Orthopedic Decompression Therapy.


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