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It's been nearly 2 years since I received the Vax D treatments.  Thank you for working with me on the payments.  I believe they were a great help to me.  I've been working as a CNA for a year and in Nursing School.  I should be an RN next year and my back has been good, but I am careful.
Thanks again,
Janet Fredrickson


I haven't decided to receive treatment at this time but everyone in your office was polite, cheerful and helpful. 
Thank you,
Mary Ann Albee


I am real satisfied with your services.  I don't have to wait a week to get a treatment when I am in pain.  The happiest time in your office was getting in early and getting rid of the pain in my back and neck.  The pain in my lower back, legs and neck is minimal.
Rudolph Miller


Service is Great!  Wonderful treatment.  The treatment helps to keep me pain free. 
Rudy Mallonee


Dr. Chapman makes my back feel Good!


I have been and still am very happy with my treatment services.  The Spina Treatment works!  It took me over a year but I am pain free today.  The Spina Treatments were an answer to a prayer.  It takes time but it works.  With the Spina Treatments and regular adjustments I can walk when I first get out of bed or a chair.  I was faced with the possibility of a wheelchair.  I didn't know what else to do.  The medical field wanted to give me pain killers and I didn't want a life of drugs.  It has been 4 years now and I get adjustments and do just fine!  No Drugs! 
Karen Nelson


I am very satisfied with your services.  You are a very friendly, knowledgeable Doctor with state of the art equipment.  I now have the confidence that I know I can get treatment right away and feel better.
Ronald A.


I am very satisfied with your services!  The best experience I have had is everyone in your office going out of their way to help me and when you massaged my muscles.  The headaches go away with regular adjustments and I feel so much better.
Danette DeVos


I am very satisfied with your services.  Your water beds are extremely relaxing.  My health in general has improved greatly.  Thank you.
Terry Magnuson


Your services are exceptionally great!  You have been concerned for my health and wellness.  You have been devoted to helping me!  The best cost less.  I have seen the rest and can truly say you're the best chiropractor.  In the last 6 years I have had 23 surgeries and probably 50 + procedures.  My body is not without pain.  However, I have excellent range of motion and feel much better after the chiropractic and physical therapy I have received.  Thank you for helping my father, my wife, my son and my daughter!
Rich Daniels Jr.


Thank you so very much for your help during my stay in Montana.  My son Mark was right-- you are the best and as I told you, I wish I could have whisked you, your staff and your machines back to California when I left.  Once again thank you for your help, your kindness and providing me with the information I needed to have to help myself.  You are the kind of doctor, like my father, who truly cares about your patients.
Best Regard,
Rickie Pauldine


AWESOME!  I can call & get in almost anytime.  Thanks so much!  I feel great!
Margarita Phillips


I believe your services are EXCELLENT!  When I walk now I don't have pain in my hip and leg.  I feel so much better.  I have had physical therapy at your establishment and 7 chiropractic visits and I believe I have ahd wonderful recovery.
Nancy Saulter


Very satisfied and pleased.  Made me feel a whole lot better and I can get in when needed without an extra appointment.  I benefit greatly by Dr. Chapman putting my left side in when it becomes very painful.  With the special effort Dr. Chapman has made regarding my payment plan it has been great!  I really appreciate that.
Adele Hruby


The treatments are great!  They keep me walking.  When there is no wait time to get treated because I am always in a hurry.  Because of the treatments I am able to work and provide for my family.
Jerry Erhart


I am very satisfied with your services!  An experience that stays in my mind of your office is changing rooms for treatment.  My lower back is not locking in place.  I am able to walk better.
Barbara Ann Silvey


I couldn't be more pleased with the services in your office!  I am so pleased with Dr. Chapmans decision on my problem and the purposed treatment has changed my life for the better.
Elise Brookfield


Great!  You can get to me on short notice.  Headaches go away, sorness in back disappears.
Brett Pumnea




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